Kelly & Adrian / Franklin Plaza Wedding

Kelly and Adrian ere married at the renowned local beauty, Franklin Plaza in Troy, NY on a rainy morning in August. They paid no mind to the weather, because to them it was all sunshine and rainbows. It was their wedding day!

The first time I met Adrian, he talked and talked about his beloved car and how he wanted to include it in some wedding photos. I’m not a car person so I had no idea what I was in for but come the wedding day I saw this awesome sporty blue car waiting for me. I was excited to make his dream wedding photo come true and capture a few photos of them with the car, for him.

Kelly and Adrian both brought in traditions from their different family cultures to really make it a one of a kind wedding that depicted their lives and love perfectly. These two have such magnetic, fun personalities, and they let nothing get them down.  And even after Kelly cut her foot open on glass on the dance floor, she continued to party the night away. We got her lifted up in a chair with her bandaged foot, and of course there’s a documented photo if you look below!

Thank you both for choosing me to be the one capture this perfect day for you!

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