Meagan & Matthew / Longfellows Wedding

Meagan and Matthew were married on a brisk fall evening in October at Longfellows in Saratoga, NY.  I’ve known Meagan and Matt for about four years now, when they first came to me for Christmas mini sessions. They were young, in love and absolutely cute together.  Little did I know that a few months later Matt would reach out to me to photograph Meagan’s surprise proposal! As time passed, we found much in common and these two weren’t just my clients anymore, they were my friends.  Meagan and I hold many memories together, including that she was sitting next to me on my couch when my water broke! I blame her for that, because she was poking my stomach telling Jackson that he was ready to come out. Haha! But, that is another blog story.

When they came to me and chose me to be their wedding photographer I was honored and so excited. My friends were getting married! I just knew it was going to be a fun and fabulous wedding, and of course I was right!

Meagan has always been a very crafty woman, so I expected her to have many DIY decorations at her wedding. She exceeded my expectations, and had so many great things, including pumpkins with their initials and hearts carved into them, chalkboard signs and bedazzled pumpkins! I was giddy as a child on Christmas, because if you know me, you know I LOVE when couples bring their personality into their weddings with fun DIY and decor.

Their ceremony started off with a special emotional candle lighting for their lost loved ones, which included Matt’s father. They went into their wedding ceremony with full hearts, and big smiles. Meagan’s brother performed a special hand tying for them and a the end Matt let his Jewish upbringing out as he stomped on and broke a glass. The entire ceremony was beautiful.

One thing I love about these two, is that they’re always laughing. Matt knows just how to get on her nerves but he knows how to make her smile and laugh it off, too. Neither of them were big bundles of nerves because after seven years together they were more than sure they were meant to be together forever. The energy they have between them is something to be admired, and as you’ll see in the photos below, very very contagious.

Thank you for having me photograph this amazing day for you! And thank you for your wonderful friendship. First comes love, then comes marriage….Jackson needs a friend. <3

Venue: Longfellows
DJ: Nick of Cool Cat Entertainment
MUA: Briana Lampan

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